Earth Law Practice sprung from the academic work of the Earth Law Center and the Center for Ecozoic Studies. With the contributions of scores of thought leaders, ELC’s officers and directors wrote the book: Earth Law: Emerging Ecocentric Law— A Guide for Practitioners. Since publishing the book, Earth law has continued to emerge in new & innovative ways.

2024 Earth Law Summer Course

It’s time to align our law’s with Nature’s laws.
Join a global community passionate about elevating Earth Law to new heights.
Gain invaluable insights from experienced lawyers and experts in our acclaimed program.
Connect with a diverse network of Earth advocates dedicated to making a real difference on a global scale.
Take action today and be a catalyst for positive change in the legal landscape.

The Course

The course is 24 modules, completely virtual, and will be based on our book: Earth Law: Emerging Eccocentric Law - A Guide for Practitioners

Our carefully curated selection of reading and viewing materials is designed to make the complexities of legal jargon more accessible and engaging for all participants. Dive into captivating narratives, visual aids, and real-world case studies that not only demystify legal concepts but also showcase the profound impact Earth Law has on our daily lives. Whether you're a seasoned legal professional or a newcomer, our resources will enrich your understanding, spark thought-provoking discussions, and empower you to champion environmental justice with newfound clarity and confidence. More Info


Our Services

All of our client services are co-developed to ensure the most expedient and efficient process for...

Nature Governance and Corporate Consulting

The ecological polycrisis is caused by market-driven human activities. The corporate, economic, financial, legal, private and public sectors are all reliant on the Earth. It is evident that Nature must be integrated in decision-making processes to achieve ecological harmonious living.

Our team works with corporate decision-makers to determine how the expression of the voice of Nature may catalyze systemic change, to achieve strategic, complex, and transformational goals; including SDGs, ESG, CSR and Nature-related treaty compliance. .

Training and Education

Legal professionals in corporate systems and private practice, alongside NGOs, public institutions, and grassroots Earth lawyers are driving the movement toward ecocentric law and governance.

Our team offers workshops, orientations, symposia, as well as strategic planning and individual training, to support its clients on their journey towards holistic Nature governance.

Movement Building and Practice

Earth ethics is the moral backbone of Earth law and Earth jurisprudence. Practicing Earth law demands collective action towards balancing an Earth ethos with the profit driven ethos of corporate law and legal systems. The interstitial space is a void that will be filled by emerging corporate Earth law.

Our team offers coaching, mentoring and evaluative services to individuals and teams, towards building an Earth law based ethical praxis and a community of practice, as well as nurturing eco-driven alliances and missions.

Corporate Consulting
& Nature Governance

Nature Governance integrates the voice and the way of Nature in the decision-making, strategic planning, and culture of an organization. It is an innovative journey in our collective efforts to respect, harmonize and make peace with Nature; to reverse biodiversity loss, and to transform the human activities that have caused climate change. Leaders, decision-makers, policy influencers, directors and managers are empowered to shepherd the evolution of their organization as a force for common good; through four Nature governance frameworks.

Nature on the Board

Under this framework, the voice of Nature is brought at the strategic and decision-making table, and can include Nature as Director (NAD), Nature as Advisory Counsel (NAC)

Nature as a Professional Partner

Coaching consultancy, advising. Nature in professional development, coaching in nature consciousness. This is where we develop skills to drive the movement forwards and become more nature conscious. More specific to individuals.

Nature in Culture Evolution

Need to describe change management in organizations, communities, collectives etc towards change management and transitional transformation, changing collective culture and aligning with the voice of nature. More about the larger organization and consciousness shifting of the collective and its outcomes. Facilitation services etc.

Nature in Project Development

When there is a project with a goal and they want the voice of nature within that project. We can provide the scrum master to collaborate and produce the desired outcome. (for all types of organizations or projects, shorter scale projects, community driven or larger)

Recent Engagements

George Washington University, Thursday, September 14 & Friday, September 15, 2023

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The Earth Law Movement is a new context for, and departure from. Modern Environmental Law.
Presented September 13, Georgetown Environmental Lay Society

Our Workshop was titled: "The Law as a governing tool in shifting the narrative from homo-economicus to homo-ecologicus."

This year's theme, “Building Bridges” was about inspiring in-house counsel to forge relationships that open our minds to new opinions,
challenge insights, provide fresh experiences, and teach us how to sustain connections.

The Annual Meeting convened leaders from government, business, and civil society
to address the state of the world and discuss priorities for the year ahead.

Alexandra Pimor joined COP15 in Montreal in December 2022, during which the Earth Law Center and friends
advocated for the inclusion of the Rights of Mother Earth in the Global Biodiversity Framework 2030 strategy.

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Representative Engagements

Center for Ecozoic Studies

Tony Zelle serves as chair of the board for the Center for Ecozoic Studies, an education, imagination, dialogue, and action center for an ecological age. Its mission is to advance ecology and culture as the organizing principles of societies. CES do this by informing, inspiring, and encouraging people in the Great Work of co-creating the Ecozoic era.


Tony Zelle serves as Ocean Floor Restoration mimics natural oceanic mineral compounds, customized to site, species, and function building aquaculture possibilities globally.

Reef Life Foundation

Help rebuild homes for homeless ocean species with Reef Life! Reef Life has developed an unprecedented coral reef restoration system called IntelliReefs that fosters new coral growth, increases fish abundance & enhances biodiversity.

Representative University and Law School Engagements

The University of Exeter Law School
Royal College of Art, London
Univ. of California Hastings School of Law
Columbia University Law School
Cardozo Law School
George Washington University Law School
Northeastern University Law School
University of Cape Town
Johannesburg University Law School
Varsity College Law School
Colby College
University of Wisconsin
The George Washington Univ. Law School
Nigeria Federal Univ. of Petroleum Resources

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